The Power of Influencer Marketing for Mortgage Lead Generation

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One way to ensure your mortgage leads pipeline never goes dry is to have multiple sources feeding into it. Pay-per-click ads, retargeting ads, paid mortgage leads, SEO content for organic traffic, email marketing, social media marketing…the list of mortgage lead sources goes on and on!

In this blog post, we’re going to revisit influencer marketing for mortgage leads. As a quick refresher, influencer marketing is when you partner with an individual with an established online audience to convert their audience into loan prospects.

Here’s why it works:

  1. Half the work is already done! Their audience is a curated list of prospects, one that is unlikely on any other mortgage leads list.
  2. The influencer has a repertoire with the audience, making it easier to trust suggestions and convert into mortgage leads.
  3. The influencer has intimate knowledge of their audience. They know just how to position your offer to trigger an immediate response.

Feed Your Mortgage Lead Pipeline with influencer marketing

Define Your Ideal Audience and Research Your Influencer

Just because an influencer with 10k followers is eager to work with you doesn’t mean you should. Consider whether their primary audience has general characteristics that would make them an ideal loan prospect.

For example, if you’re looking for first-time homebuyers, you might want to work with an influencer whose primary audience is millennials. Want more refinancing loans? Look for an influencer that’s considered an expert in real estate, home improvements, finances, or general life hacks.

Veterans and investors are yet two more audience niches you’ll want to explore with influencer marketing.

Social media platforms reach across the globe, but if most of their followers are located in the state or counties where you fund loans, then you’ve picked the right digital influencer.

Guest Blogging: The Ideal, Long-Term Mortgage Leads Source

Blog content feeds your mortgage lead pipeline in two waves. The first comes when the post is initially published and shared with the audience. The second comes as search engines index the content,  recognize the value of it, and continue to lead traffic to the blog post for months or years after the initial publication!

Considering that the influencer already has a large audience with a steady stream of traffic, you can expect both of these waves to be much more significant then if you were to post the content on your own blog.

How to supercharge your guest blogging content:

  • Make sure the content is original and not previously published anywhere else
  • Write content that is relevant to their audience as well as true to your brand
  • Make it long form: about 1,000 words.
  • Include several keywords with links back to your site or landing page
  • Include 1-2 images

This next point is extremely critical for long-term mortgage leads success: MAKE THE CONTENT USEFUL AND INFORMATIVE.

Your guest post shouldn’t focus on you or overtly be about your services. Instead, focus on trying to solve a problem, teach them “how-to” do something, or compare the pros and cons of loan products. When the blog post is informative, it’s considered it more valuable in the “eyes” of search engines, making it more likely that the content will rank it higher and continuously feeding mortgage leads into your pipeline.

Take Advantage of the Influencer’s Email List

Email marketing for mortgage lead generation is as hot as ever –with conversion rates often higher than those found through social media. There’s a couple of ways to partner with an influencer and tap into their email list. Consider the following:

  • Write an informative article (similar to guest blogging) and have the influencer email it to their list.
  • Have the influencer write a “sponsored post” or testimonial article that links back to your site.
  • Have the influencer include a banner ad on their regular email blast.
  • Create a “special offer” advertisement designed for quick conversion. Perhaps include a free eBook or consultation in exchange for their information.
  • Create a lesson or a series of informative posts that are delivered weekly.

Look for an influencer with several thousand subscribers and email an open rate of about 10-18%. It takes time to build an active subscriber list that large so don’t be offended if the influencer guards the email addresses. However, it’s still possible for them to share analytics about the list and you should expect to see it before committing to working with the influencer.

Use Video and Live Streaming

Video content and live streaming are quickly becoming the preferred way for consumers to get information. However, out of all the ways to create content, video seems to be the one that most are hesitant to develop. We don’t blame you! Creating a video or streaming live takes a lot of planning, marketing, and charisma to make it high-value. Luckily, with an experienced influencer, they do most of the work for you.

Professional influencers will build up hype for the upcoming streaming to make sure it gets as many viewers as possible. They’ll also host the video, making your offer impactful while avoiding “dead air.” Being comfortable in front of a camera, especially with live streaming, is essential for an excellent presentation. Watch a few of their past episodes and see how well they connect with their audience. Also, look for viewership and the audience’s interaction with the content.

Post it on as many platforms as possible! If it’s a pre-recorded video, post it natively on YouTube, Facebook, and IGTV with carefully curated captions to help future viewers find it on search.

If live streaming, do it on all of those platforms simultaneously and, if possible, stream it live on your social media platforms, too. You may not have a broad audience right now, however, content this valuable will build up your influence in the long-run.

Share and Reshare Content for Social Proof

Take advantage of the influencer endorsement and reshare the content on your social media platforms. Recommendations made by real people with micro-celeb status has a substantial influence on people’s buying decisions. Plus, endorsements build your credibility and expertise.

Do this by sharing influencer created content when it first goes live, then reshare it every week or so to help give your mortgage lead generation a boost. Remember to post it on your mortgage website, too! Having an “ As Seen On” testimonial is an easy way to grab your prospect’s interest.

The secret to a continuous stream of qualified mortgage leads is to CREATE multiple steams that feed into your pipeline, and influencer marketing is one way to do it. The only thing left to decide is where you’ll nurture the mortgage lead.

Will it be to a mortgage landing page or website? Will they have the option to pre-apply using a digital 1003 or do you prefer they download your mortgage app to follow-up later? The choice is yours!

Learn more about the digital mortgage tools by LenderHomePage and find out how you can build the perfect mortgage tech stack for lead generation and end-to-end loan processing.

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