Feature Update: 9 All-New Mortgage Calculators

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LenderHomepage announces new mortgage calculatorsWe ‘re excited to unveil 9 all-new mortgage calculators! Always on your side and ahead of the game, this latest update is designed to impress right from the start, keep your prospects engaged, and boost your conversion rates.

These interactive consumer-facing calculators are a free update for all our mortgage website clients.

Our new mortgage calculators provide a modern, accurate, and user-friendly way to calculate Monthly Mortgage Payments, APR, Amortization, Principal & Interest, Payoff Date, and other parameters of the loan.

FHA, Conventional, VA, USDA, and Jumbo calculations include Mortgage Insurance (MI), HOA, Hazard Insurance, and Property Tax components as well.

The most exciting part of the new release is that now your mortgage calculator is another Lead Generation Tool on your website.

Benefits to your Borrower:

  • Calculate Monthly Payments (down to the penny)
  • Estimate Home Affordability
  • Calculate APR
  • Effects of “Extra Payment”
  • Tax Benefits
  • Should I Pay Points?
  • Income Needed to Pre-Qualify
  • Interest-Only
  • How Much Will Principal Be?


  1. FHA Mortgage Payment Calculator (including FHA Upfront MIP)
  2. Conventional Mortgage Payment Calculator (including PMI, HOA, and Taxes)
  3. VA Mortgage Payment Calculator (including VA Funding Fee)
  4. USDA Mortgage Payment Calculator (including USDA Funding Fee)

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7 thoughts on “Feature Update: 9 All-New Mortgage Calculators

  1. Bob Windom Reply

    Will this be automatically added to my website? This is long overdue and a great enhancement to my site. When will you make it available on my site?

    • Lydia Hernandez Post authorReply

      Thanks for the feedback, Michael! Yes, interest rates can be entered as decimals too. Prospects can use the slider or enter the exact rate want to use for the calculation in the box.

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