3 Compelling Ways Mortgage Tech Makes Success Easier

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3 compelling ways mortgage tech makes success easierExtraordinary success is yours for the taking, and you probably don’t realize it. In fact, most ‘LO’s and mortgage brokers are missing the iceberg of opportunity that mortgage tech offers.

Even those that already have a digital 1003 or mortgage website, fantastic potential is sitting dormant.

How can we be so sure? We’ve seen this before.

In 1973, the first mobile phone appeared on the scene. With 30 minutes of talk time for about $4000, this wasn’t much of a game-changer for in business –much less for mortgage professionals.

But in 1996, Nokia rocked the world with the first smartphone. Although archaic by current standards, the groundbreaking applications and integrated web browser were a BIG deal. But still, most missed what it truly meant.

This innovation legitimately made it easier to achieve success, and conducting business has never been the same.

Now let’s compare that to mortgage tech.

The e-signature, while a significant step, meant little in terms of immediate application for success –just like that first mobile phone.

Then, in 2016, Fannie Mae’s launched Day One Certainty. Like the first smartphone, digital and tech advancements shook the mortgage industry, but still, most missed what this truly meant.

This wasn’t just about a new way to “mortgage.” Fannie Mae’s killer chess move was setting you up for checkmate in mortgage success.

Fast forward to 2019. We now have a customizable digital mortgage platform with remarkable abilities –essential for catapulting you toward mortgage success.

Listing all the capabilities and benefits of a digital mortgage platform would be overwhelming. So instead, we’re going to focus on the three most powerful and compelling ways that mortgage tech makes success easier.¬†

  1. More Time To Nurture Leads and Engage With Consumers

Time is not money. You can always earn more money. But what about time? We all have the same allotted amount, and that makes it our most valuable resource.

How much time are you or your team dedicating to loan processing versus nurturing new leads and engaging with borrowers?

Remedial tasks, no matter how small, have a cost.

But with mortgage tech, everything from keeping a detailed consumer database to collaborating with stakeholders to submitting the complete loan packet can all be done in a fraction of the time and often with just a few clicks.

Go back and read that again.

All of those tasks whittled down to the point where loan approval now takes days and not weeks! Where should you dedicate this newfound freedom?

Gaining more qualified leads and nurturing them to closing, of course!

Let’s not forget the value of engaging with your current clients.

Even in today’s tech world, the human element is vital to the loan experience. With the increased productivity, mortgage professionals can add that X-Factor approach that makes getting a loan a positive experience and one that clients will confidently recommend.

2. Improved Compliance With Fewer Errors

If you feel like mortgage regulations are on the rise, you’re right. After the 2008 housing crash, ensuring compliance without human error is proving more difficult.

Even worse, any mistake is more costly than ever. However, mortgage tech eases this burden, saves you money, and sets you up for success.

Mortgage tech significantly reduces oversights by assuring that borrower information is translated correctly across all platforms, including third-party applications.

So while your competition is overpaying per loan, YOU’RE EARNING the difference.

Over and over again!

3. Scalable and Sustainable Growth

This is where your success can really skyrocket! The road to business growth has never been as diverse as it is now.

Opportunities to:

  • Specialize in multiple niche markets
  • Have a strong presence in every social media and search engine outlet
  • Design a work culture that attracts and nurtures a self-driven, top-earning mortgage team
  • …and have an end-to-end digital loan processing center at your borrower’s fingertips, 24 hours a day

–all translates to exponential mortgage success.

Maybe your vision of success is less worry and more freedom to enjoy personal time. Mortgage tech can do that, too! Like the indispensable smartphone, mortgage tech connects you to infinite possibilities for success. Contact us today to discover the stackable digital mortgage tech from LenderHomePage.

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