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When it boils down to it, the LO that gets the loan from point A to B the swiftest is the winner. They’re the ones with the highest rates of closing, greatest career satisfaction, and are usually the firm’s top earners.

What most LO’s and brokers overlook is that EVERY originator has this potential, and EVERY originator has room to level up. And the most straightforward way that you or your mortgage team can level up is to (1) understand what effective loan management looks like and (2) prioritize engagement and collaboration

Loan Management: The Majors VS The Minors

We talked about mortgage automation in this previous post, and how it’s the secret sauce to effective loan management, and how it vastly improves the origination process. Automation is the essence of a mortgage point-of-sale system. Every basic mortgage POS should:

  • Increase data accuracy
  • Ease data management
  • Simplify document collection

How then, is a major league mortgage POS system like Loanzify POS different?

Well, it’s not one thing but rather a collection of functions that make for a simple yet incredibly powerful, major league mortgage tool. 

Create loan teams. Assign account executive, manager, assistant, processor, and underwriter to a single loan for ease of collaboration. 

Add partners. Real estate agents can also be assigned to specific loans as well as individual loan officers to strengthen working relationships and referrals. 

Configurable settings. “If this then that” trigger settings guides borrowers smartly right from the intake. The LO can easily adjust these hierarchy settings by turning the triggers off and on. 

Interaction tracking. Programmed notifications and cataloged actions create transparency and increase speed to funding. 

3rd-party partnerships and integrations. Seamless interface with essential loan servicers and video-conference apps create a touchless processing ecosystem that is easily accessible from anywhere. Remote and mobile office-friendly!

Keep in mind that Loanzify POS scalable to any size lender –from single to enterprise. And mortgage POS system that works for any success-driven lender is also what sets Loanzify above the rest. 

Mortgage Team Engagement Matters to Everyone’s Success

A natural result of an engaged mortgage team is optimized productivity, and here’s why. When an LO or stakeholder is actively engaged with a loan, they know in what stage of the process the loan is in, what the next action steps are, and what actions are expected of them. 

There is also a sense of personal accountability and comradery –each of which is its own motivator for completing tasks and keeping the loan move forward. 

In addition to being able to create loan teams, we’ve added functions to Loansify POS specifically for increasing engagement and improving collaboration, such as:

  • Instant messaging with the borrower
  • Mortgage team chat
  • Back-office team notes
  • Milestone tracker and updates
  • Archived communication  
  • Automated reminders and templated emails 
  • Customizable mortgage app that can be co-branded with real estate agents

“You make me a better lender” – T. Titley

In these past few weeks, we’ve been focusing on Loanzify POS and what it can do for your business. 

We talked about the borrower experience and how it’s the intake X-factor to closing more loans. We went over the all-digital workflow and how it’s revolutionized lending. And now, we’ve shared how to level-up your career and lending business with stellar loan management and team engagement.

But there is one more thing that tips the scales to your favor –support. As flashy and functional and necessary as a product may be, it’s only as good as the customer support behind it. That’s why at LenderHomePage, we put just as much effort into customer success as we do software development. 

After all, as your mortgage tech partner, we also want to see your loans to move from point A to B as swiftly as possible. 

Not a Loanzify POS user yet? Click below to schedule a live demo!


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