Loanzify POS – How To Compete with ROCKET MORTGAGE and Win!

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Digital is how lending and banking is done in 2018 and on. It’s why Rocket Mortgage has helped Quicken Loans be America’s top lender and why traditional banks are turning banking on its head with all-digital banking, complete with emojis.

With these mega lenders rolling out faster, more efficient ways to process loans, you might feel like your mortgage business is out of the race.

But it’s not! All you need is the right tools — namely, a Mortgage POS platform just like the one that mega lenders have.

You can have streamlined loan processing system that reduces work hours, paper shuffle, mistakes, and delays, all while funding loans faster.

A Mortgage POS can help you compete, but how can you win? That’s where Loanzify comes in because Loanzify is unlike any other Mortgage POS platform on the market.

Loanzify is a Mortgage POS that boosts LO efficiency while enhancing the consumer’s experience.

Here’s why LO’s are trusting the Loanzify Mortgage POS platform:

  • Delivers a True Digital Mortgage Experience on any Device – Accessible via mobile, tablet, desktop and compatible with IOS and Andriod operating systems.
  • “White Label” Branding – Customize Loanzify with your choice of color scheme and background images to match the look and feel of your business and brand!
  • Customizable Digital 1003 – Customize the automated data collection process by changing the fields, drop-down menus, and headers. Build workflows and conditional logic, or simply use the best-in-class, time-tested default SmartApp1003. All the information is securely stored and intuitively transferable across the mortgage process.
  • Cloud-based Document Portal – Consumers can upload from their mobile device or use a drag-and-drop feature to a secure, cloud-based portal.
  • 256-bit Encryption -Extended SSL certificate keeps sensitive docs safe while being easily accessible to loan processing team for efficient collaboration. Control access and securely e-send the entire digital package to your underwriter without losing time or documentation.
  • Reduces Time, Cost of Loan Origination and Processing -Verification of Assets (VOA) and Verification of Employment (VOE) directly integrated into the Loanzify Mortgage POS platform.


Mortgage POS is the shortest and fastest route from initial contact to closing.


Here’s why borrowers prefer the enhanced user experience from Loanzify’s Mortgage POS platform:

  • Unsurpassed Convenience -Borrowers start the loan application from any device, at any time. They can pick up where they left off on any device without losing their place in the process!
  • User-Friendly Interface – The borrower is guided through an interview-style data collection making the process pleasant and minimizing abandoned applications!
  • Cataloged Communication -Borrower can send messages to any member of the Loan Team.
  • Communications are Effortlessly Organized and Archived -No more searching through emails to find attachments!
  • Accept and Sign Docs Virtually -Our partnership with DocuSign allows borrows to review, accept, and sign docs digitally!
  • Real-Time Timeline -Borrowers see their loan move through the entire underwriting process in an attractive Timeline tool.
  • Built-In Mortgage Calculators and Mortgage Articles -Loanzify doubles as a Mortgage App with 13 customizable mortgage calculators and valuable mortgage information. Encourages borrowers to share their experience with Loanzify gaining you more leads!

Loanzify Mortgage POS is just one part of a Digital Mortgage platform by LenderHomePage, built to help you compete with mega lenders –and WIN!

Call for a free demo today and start processing loans at digital speed. 888-377-1265

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    I would like more information about this. Can we set up a time for a call?

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