3 Steps For Generating Mortgage Leads from ALL Social Media

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Mortgage leads from social media. Maybe you’ve heard a colleague mention it. Or perhaps you follow other mortgage professionals and banks on social media to figure out their marketing tactic.

What’s the trick to getting mortgage leads from social media?

That’s what we’re going to teach you in this post — how to build a mortgage leads funnel on social media.

 A “mortgage leads funnel” is more commonly known as a “sales funnel.” They’re the same thing, except that the goal of the sales funnel is the sale and the goal of a mortgage leads funnel is–you guessed it–a qualified mortgage lead.

A sales funnel is incredibly flexible and can be applied to achieve almost any sales goal. However, this post will focus on getting mortgage leads from a social media channel.

What is a “sales funnel?”
A sales funnel describes the process that businesses use to lead the consumer to buy.

From initial attraction, all the way through the sale (or in our case, a conversion into a mortgage lead), a sales funnel is a strategic way to get more clients.

Before we get started with the easy steps, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • There are multiple theories on creating sales funnels, which means that there are multiple ways to build an impressive mortgage leads funnel.
  • Each consumer is in a different stage of the conversion process, and therefore, have a unique journey through your leads funnel.

The three stages of the mortgage consumer:

  1. Ready to apply now, looking for lender with the intent to apply
  2. Actively researching loan options, considering applying for a loan
  3. Just browsing, interested but indecisive

Rather than creating multiple funnels (which is fine, by the way), we’ll show how to create a single, customizable plan that will work for every one of those consumers stages. Our mortgage leads funnel for social media is simplified version of the AARRR Theory (Acquisition, Activation, Retention, Referral, and Revenue):

Awareness > Repeated Visibility and Engagement >  Conversion

Don’t worry if you’re not the mortgage marketing type and above looks foreign to you. We’re going to break down so that by the time you’re done reading this article, you’ll have a plan for getting leads from social media.

3 Easy Steps to Building A Mortgage Lead Funnel on Social Media

Step One: Create Awareness

Begin to create awareness for your business, your services, and your winning difference. Choose as many of these options as you’d like, but remember that it’s more useful to master one or two tactics than be a novice in all of them.

Organic Tactics-

  • Participate in Facebook groups, LinkedIn groups, or Twitter chats
  • Regularly share blog posts across social media, make sure the content is highly relevant to your ideal consumer
  • Post visuals such as infographics, GIFs, or images with mortgage tips
  • Pair posts with relevant and popular hashtags (use this free tool for hashtags ideas)
  • Create videos for YouTube and share across social media

Paid Tactics-

Step Two: Repeat Visibility and Engagement

Increase and sustain your visibility by repeating the above tactics plus adding two to three of the following. Engagement is critical! No matter what stage your consumer is in (ready to apply, researching or browsing), all of these tacts will lead them to the next stage.

Organic Tactics-

  • Share “insider look” type posts about the lending process (digital mortgage) and your business (your winning difference)
  • Share reviews and testimonials from clients
  • Share images of customers with recent home purchase
  • Use LIVE videos to answer questions and engage with followers
  • Offer a free, downloadable guide in exchange for their email (begin mortgage email campaign)
  • Offer a free mortgage course delivered via email (begin mortgage email campaign)
  • Have a private Facebook group and offer exclusive content to group members
  • Host a Twitter chat

Paid Tactics-

  • Use remarketing ads on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram that highlight your value and accessibility
  • Create ads for Messenger
  • Sponsor blog content and social media posts through a digital influencer with an emphasis on engagement

Step Three: Mortgage Leads Conversion

This is the final step where you lead your consumer to conversion. By this time, you’ve reached them multiple times, they are familiar with your business and value, and trust that your service is outstanding. They’re finally ready to contact you –you just have to tell them how!

Organic Tactics-

  • Convert social media traffic into mortgage landing page with a “quick quote” lead capture form or “apply now” digital 1003.
  • If they sign up using your lead capture form,  contact them plus add them to your mortgage email campaign
  • Encourage followers to call now  by creating a “Get Phone Calls” post on Facebook
  • Tell Instagram followers that they can contact you immediately using the “Call” function on your Instagram profile (you can turn this feature off and on from your settings)

Paid Tactics-

  • Use social media remarketing ads with an immediate call-to-action that directs them to a landing page with a lead capture form or online loan application

There you have it! Everything you need to know to create a solid mortgage leads funnel for social media.

Need help creating a mortgage landing page or need a mobile responsive digital 1003? Give us a call! We have the tools and strategies you need to grow your lending business in a digital world. 888-377-1265

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