Top 5 Strategies to Dominate Social Media “Mortgage Lead Generation” in 2018

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We saw a lot of changes with organic mortgage lead generation in 2017 and much of that has to do with social media marketing.

Unlike traditional one-sided advertising, social media is conversational and engaging. From “liking” to commenting to sharing, social media allows you to connect with your consumer in a way that no flyer, billboard, or business card ever could.

All businesses, across all industries, are making social media marketing a vital part of their sales strategy because the numbers don’t lie — social media makes money!

With only a few weeks left until the new year, NOW is the time to start planning your 2018 mortgage lead generation goals. We’ve done most of the work for you and found where mortgage professionals should focus for maximum mortgage leads via social media.



Social Media Influencers

Influencer marketing on social was viral in 2017 and will continue to boom in 2018. Even mega brands like Doritos and Gillette routinely utilize the influence of “micro-celebs”  to reach specific audiences.

A recent study by Twitter showed that 40% of people made an online purchase after seeing it promoted by an influencer they follow on Twitter, Instagram, or YouTube.

In 2018, influencer-marketing will see some major shifts — but to your benefit!

In the past, influencers could charge big fees for their services but offer little data to prove success from the campaign. Now, instead of giving the influencer full reign of your marketing campaign, the control will shift to you.

Lenders will manage influencer campaigns and the relationships they are gaining from the audience.

Visual Content Marketing

Visual content has been growing in popularity because studies (the sales numbers) show that images and video elicit higher levels of engagement. Visual content increases likes, retweets, comments, and shares across all social media platforms –, especially on Facebook!

The demand for visual content is one of the most valuable formats for mortgage professionals to leverage in 2018. You don’t want to ignore this mortgage lead tactic!

Instagram Stories

Ephemeral content is a type of content lasts 24 hours before it disappears forever. Although it began with Snapchat, Instagram Stories have already surpassed users in its first year of launch — 200 million users daily!

There are some unique advantages to short-lived content. First, it creates a FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect, enticing your audience to act fast.

It also helps to develop trust with the lender, making them more accessible and personable. It’s also a great way to showcase behind the scenes sort of content and other content meant to be short-lived.

The most significant advantage of Instagram Stories is also recent updates. Unlike Snapchat, you can see analytics right from the app, add hashtags for discoverability, tag other users, and save to showcase your stories onto your profile!

Live Streaming

You’re definitely going to see more live streaming in 2018! Just like mentioned above, visual content is one of the most engaging types of marketing you can use.

But the popularity of live streaming is due to something extra that wasn’t available in 2017 — better technology!

Today’s smartphones are better than ever before and are more capable of handling modern digital demands.

Across the board, video processing is faster with better quality. And just like Instagram Stories, it gives you a chance to create excitement, personality, and express your unique value directly to your prospect.

Facebook Nearing 100% Mobile

By 2020, 59% of U.S. Facebook users will access the social media platform exclusively through their mobile. That that’s no surprise considering what we know about the rise in mobile usage.

Currently, Facebook reports that 80% of their ad revenue already comes from mobile.

While desktop access to Facebook is unlikely to disappear entirely, this year will mark the beginning of its decline. This is a clear sign that your content, especially your mortgage website, needs to be mobile responsive if you’re looking to generate mortgage leads from Facebook.

Are you ready to dominate social media lead generation in 2018?

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