How to Engage Loan Prospects With Mobile-First Mindset

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Megabanks now recognize the potential and power of mobile marketing for both engaging their prospects as well as staying relevant to them. From online banking to budgeting and financial mobile apps, mobile marketing is a multi-channel engine that is absolutely essential for all lenders — from a single LO to an enterprise.

You may think you’re out of the game when it comes to competing with large banks in the area of mobile marketing, but you’re not! By combining the mortgage marketing resources available to you right now with a smart mobile marketing strategy, you’ll swoop in and steal prospects from right under those sleeping giants.

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Can you afford to wait?

The thing about today’s digital-savvy loan prospect is that they want immediate gratification.

Before the thought of “how much do I qualify for?” has processed, they’ve already pulled out their phone to begin the search.

And as they zone-out to their favorite T.V. show every night, they have their tablet on their lap, planning for their future.

Make no doubt, prospects are online and searching via their mobile devices for the lender that’s going to make their dreams a reality.

Will they find you?

How to be found and engage with a mortgage prospect via mobile:

Geo Target Your Prospect

The geo-targeting mobile marketing trick is so simple that it often gets overlooked by most lenders. Make that fact work to your advantage!

Broad-based lenders cast too wide of a net to be able to target locations organically, and other lenders who haven’t made the Digital Mortgage transition are probably ignoring this mobile lead generation method.

Use the more accurate geo-locational capabilities provided by the user’s smartphone or tablet to draw your prospect into your website like a magnet.

How can geo-targeting help you get traffic to your mobile mortgage website?

Mobile-optimize your mortgage website with keywords and locations, such as cities and zip codes, so that search engines will index you for those loan products, in those target locations.

It’s already known that Google prefers to rank mobile-responsive websites higher when the user is conducting their inquiry on a mobile device.

Combine that fact with geo-targeted keywords and your website will mobile optimized to perfection!

And don’t forget to sign up for the free business listings offered by Google! Google’s Business Listings is directly tied to their search rankings for locations.

Mobile Responsiveness Across the Board

More and more, consumers are abandoning going online from their desktop to a more interactive user experience via mobile and mobile apps. And since one bad mobile experience can be enough to lose a prospect, you’ll want to make sure that you provide an extraordinary mortgage experience at every touch point.

These are absolute must-haves for an optimized mortgage marketing strategy via mobile:

  • Use a mobile responsive mortgage website. 40% of users will click out if the site is not optimized for their device. Don’t risk it!
  • Don’t ignore your landing pages! Even the best mortgage marketing strategy will come to ruin if your landing page isn’t optimized for all mobile devices.
  • Make sure your emails are also mobile-friendly! Mobile users have a low tolerance for any digital obstacles. From email to click-through, make sure it’s an easy and seamless experience.
  • Co-brand a mobile mortgage app! Soft sell to your prospect by offering them a mortgage calculating tool that they can access from an app. What’s more? Prospects are less likely to click out to “shop around” from a mobile app versus a website. 

“Resume” the Mobile Experience

The great thing about smartphones is also its downside — immediate access to the user. It’s very likely that the user will get a call, a text, or some other notification that will pull your prospect away while in the middle of filling out your digital 1003.

Make it easy for your prospect to come back and pick up where they left off by securely saving their application and offering them a “Resume” function. Here’s the critical part of the “restart the application” function: it must allow the user to restart from ANY device, with no sacrifice in the user experience.

In today’s fast-paced life, consumers need to find pockets of time for just about everything — including applying for a home loan. Make it easy for your loan prospect to pick up on their tablet where they left off on their mobile phone with a mobile responsive 1003.

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Is your mobile marketing strategy working for you? Do you have the right tools to reach your digital-savvy loan prospects?

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