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managing your digital presence lenderhomepageAt any given moment, consumers are looking for a new place to call home or for ways to save on their mortgage payments. And according to the latest stats by, 98% of consumers turn to the internet to begin the process. Considering that the internet is likely the ONLY source of information about you and your business, how confident are you about what mortgage prospects would find? 

Mortgage professionals –do you know how to manage and grow your digital presence?

We’ve outlined 5 strategies that will help you make a powerful and profitable first impression on all your digital mortgage prospects. 

how to process loans faster with digital mortgage technology lenderhomepage

Online Reviews

Reviews incite action. After reading a review about your mortgage business, the prospect will either continue through your mortgage sales funnel or abandon it entirely and head to a competitor. 

This recent study found that 87% of consumers read online reviews of local businesses

Here’s how to manage your online reviews:

  • Keep it professional
  • Respond to every review
  • Respond as quickly as possible
  • Attempt to de-escalate; Do not respond aggressively to negative reviews
  • Request a review from happy clients
  • Ask local influencers to leave a review

Want further motivation to get on top of your review management? Google has admitted that Google Reviews influences your SEO and mortgage website ranking

Email Marketing

While it may not be the newest marketing strategy on the list, it certainly has the longest track record of getting results, making it one of the most powerful ways to manage your digital presence. When going head-to-head with various lead generation methods, email marketing continues to be the top-dog with the highest conversion rates.

The reason may lie in the fact that emails are personal without being intrusive (the way a cold call potentially could be). There are also different ways to format an email, such as a newsletter, automated mortgage application updates, or custom correspondence. 

Whatever way you decide to use email marketing, remember that it’s a direct doorway to your mortgage prospect, so be mindful about how you wield this power. Provide your best content, keep updates short and to the point, and don’t email too often. You don’t want them to unsubscribe or flag your emails as spam. 

Social Media

When talking about digital presence, social media is typically the first thing to come to mind, and for a good reason. Around 82% of the US population is on social media, and so are 91% of businesses. There’s no doubt about it –your digital footprint lives within social media. 

Designing a social media strategy is quite extensive and typically requires a dedicated professional or team (in-house or outsourced) to execute. But if you plan to do the work yourself, here are points to hit on every platform:

  • Be consistent and have a schedule –even if that means posting only once a week.
  • Keep your brand consistent in both tone and imagery.
  • It’s okay to share industry-adjusted content, too. It doesn’t have to be just your branded content. 
  • Pay attention to visuals! Make sure pictures and graphics are high quality, and use videos as much as possible. Studies show that videos get the highest rates of engagement. 
  • Make a call-to-action part of every post, such as to visit your site, give the post a like, subscribe to your emails, turn on post notifications, or comment and share the post.
  • Automate where you can! 

Hint: Our templated mortgage websites come complete with a weekly blog feed, giving you fresh mortgage content to share across every social media platform. Re-use the same blog content by grabbing a sentence or two and tweeting it! Search past blog posts and reshare your favorite posts from the archives, eliminating the ever-present worry of what to share. 

And remember that these blog posts also make for a great email newsletter, too! Plugin the mortgage blog feed into your preferred email management platform and automatically send professionally written, relevant content to your mortgage prospects


Search engine optimization is often thought of as solely for increasing ranking, but it’s also great for managing your digital presence. For example, suppose you’re just starting and trying to give your business more authority. In that case, it’d be helpful to add “mortgage broker” or “mortgage office” to your social media profile, social media comments, and guest blog posts. This helps search engines to associate your business name with that particular phrase. Do it often enough, and you’ll build your online reputation as a professional in the mortgage industry. 

Of course, this also helps to boost your search engine ranking too. Load your mortgage website with engaging and rich content, weaving in keywords and phrases, to cast a wide-reaching net that connects your personal and business name with home lending services in your target market. 

Paid Ads

Like the above point, associating your mortgage services with your business name and target market is the goal of mortgage marketing and digital presence management. Plus, we want those actions to add to mortgage lead generating. Paid advertising is how you can achieve all of this –strategically and with measurable results.

Whether through Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, or anywhere else, hyper-focusing paid advertising to your ideal mortgage prospect is a potent way to increase mortgage leads and manage your digital reputation. 

To make your ads as effective as possible, you’ll want to coordinate your efforts beyond that actual ad platform. Set up a proper ad campaign by deciding on a goal, researching suitable keywords and phrases, identifying the ones that work best, and use those phrases both on your ad and landing page copy. 

Ensure that your brand and key message are woven throughout the campaign for an additional boost in your digital presence. Lastly, decide on your keyword bidding, including location and target audience, and connect third-party lead management platforms, so your omnichannel mortgage sales funnel is complete. 

LenderHomePage Automates Your Digital Presence

Attempting to effectively manage your digital presence along with your pipeline and day-to-day mortgage tasks gets overwhelming fairly quickly. However, it cannot be ignored. With the rise of digital mortgage consumerism, your online reputation is just as valuable and vital to the success of your business as a consistent flow of mortgage leads are. 

But creating a powerful digital presence doesn’t have to be a burden or even be complicated. At LenderHomePage, we have various flexible and automated solutions that effectively manage your digital presence like:

Automated Emails and SMS Text Messages

As soon as a prospect begins an application through your branded Loanzify POS platform, they’ll receive automated reminders and helpful nudges from you to keep them moving forward with the process.

Social Media Management

Keep your feed fresh with relevant content with our automated social postings that include a link back to your site. 

Comprehensive SEO

Available at three different price points, all designed to add significant weight to your digital footprint and online authority. Includes monthly analytics reports and custom professionally written SEO articles.

Paid Ad Campaign Development and Management

Our expert marketing team works with you to identify opportunities and create optimized ads that increase traffic with qualified mortgage leads. Let us do all the heavy lifting while you concentrate on what matters –your clients!

how to process loans faster with digital mortgage technology lenderhomepage


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