Digital Mortgage 2019 -Just A Website Isn’t Enough

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Don’t let that title mislead you, a mortgage website is a must for your digital mortgage success. But in 2019, not any website will do, nor is it the only essential tool required for today’s growth-minded mortgage broker.

So which essential digital mortgage tools should you be investing in? Before we share what those are, we what to emphasize a few key points:

  • Choose only what you need.
  • They work best if you put them to work.
  • Think of both immediate needs AND future growth.

Choose Only The Digital Mortgage Tools Your Need

On your quest to find the best digital mortgage tools for brokers, you may be overwhelmed by your options. Do you just need a digital 1003 or are you really missing a mortgage POS?

What if all you’re looking for is a mortgage landing page for a lead generating campaign –is it necessary to invest in a mortgage mobile app too?

If you’re content with your current digital mortgage tools or just looking to add 1-2 products, only get what you need. Invest your resources in mortgage tech that bring value to your business and that you plan to implement.

Which brings us to our next point —

Digital Mortgage Tools Work Best If You Put Them To Work

Whether your digital mortgage tools are from LenderHomePage or another tech company, use the product! Got a mortgage blog? Great! Promote your content across social media and email it to your list to get traffic to your site.

Decided to get that branded mortgage app? Share it with realtors and encourage your team to use it as leverage over the competition to more leads! No matter the mortgage tool, actively use it, promote it, share it, and make it part of your brokerage.

Digital Mortgage Tools Are Both Immediate and Future

Where do you see your lending business in a year? How about 3 years? Where were 3 years ago? How has tech changed the way you process loans or generate mortgage leads?

While loan processing has remained largely the same in years past, mortgage tech has made it more fluid. That means that the right mortgage tools can both solve your immediate issues as well as support you for scalable growth in the future.

Exactly where is the future of digital mortgage heading? And what should you be investing in NOW? Read on to find out.

What Every Mortgage Broker Needs to Succeed in Digital Mortgage 2019

A Mortgage Website Reaches Everyone

If it’s not the web, anyone can see your mortgage site –right? Not necessarily! Besides the challenge of SEO and getting your site to rank higher on Google, mortgage websites (along with every application on it) need to be responsive.

Every single page, mortgage landing page, digital 1003, lead capture form, and mortgage blog feed must be responsive to all devices. The thing is that you never know what device your prospect is using to search for mortgage options online. You also don’t necessarily know where they will land or what pages they will explore. Make sure that your entire mortgage website is up to 2019 standards of mobile responsiveness.

But that’s not all! New ADA compliance standards for making web content more accessible is also a requirement. Read more about what WCAG 2.0 is and why it’s a must for digital mortgage success in 2019.

24-Hour Access –to You!

It used to be that New York was the city that never sleeps but the web has changed that. What every city you are based in –IT NEVER SLEEPS! At 2 am, there’s a mom shopping for a mortgage while she nurses her baby. At 7 pm, there’s a couple exploring refi options over dinner. At 6 am, while on her way to her first meeting of the day, there’s a new investor looking to buy a second income property.

Are you available at those times, all the time? Physically, you don’t need to because your mortgage tools make it as if you are available to your prospects, leads, and current borrowers 24-hours a day. A Digital 1003 and Document Uploader make it possible for prospects and leads to begin the mortgage application process at any time of the day.

Meanwhile, your borrowers receive automatic updates and can check online for their approval status as if you are personally giving them the good news. If you want to succeed with 2019 borrowers, you need to be available to them whenever and wherever they need you.

Click here to learn more about Loanzify Mortgage POS.

Digital Mortgage That Connect and Streamline

The purpose and promise of mortgage tech are to make things easier not only for your borrowers but also for you, the broker. But unless your digital mortgage tools, software, and 3rd party applications are talking to each other, that’s not going to happen.

Does your loan origination software have the ability to feed into a loan application? What if the prospect decides not to continue the entire loan process –where is their information stored so that you can follow-up with an email campaign, or at least send them your weekly blog post?

What if you decide to change your mortgage CRM or Loan Origination Software, do you have to change all your other mortgage tools too?

Origination, marketing, information management, lead funnels, loan processing, funding –there are many parts to mortgaging in 2019, making it all the more critical that all your platforms interface.

Build Your Own Digital Mortgage Platform

Is your brokerage built for success in 2019 and beyond? Did you discover some major gaps? Check out all the digital mortgage tools from LenderHomePage and sign up for a free trial.

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