5 Sure-Fire Direct Response Tricks For Getting More Mortgage Leads

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Generating mortgage leads is the life-blood of your lending business, and that’s why it’s critical that you take advantage of EVERY opportunity.

By every opportunity, we mean finding out where your prospect is online and engaging with them frequently. It also means repeatedly exposing your prospects to your enticing offer.

And, of course, it means plainly telling your prospect, “I’m the mortgage solution you’ve been looking for!”

Direct response marketing is about using all three of those tactics (engaging, frequent exposure to offer, and call-to-action) to increase sales –or in your case —generate more mortgage leads. Here’s how to do it right:

Tactic #1: Every Page on Your Website Needs to Have a Call-To-Action.

If you use your mortgage website as a lead generator or as part of your mortgage leads funnel, then you must have a CTA on every page.

Every. Page.

You see,  after a website visitor is done consuming your content, the natural question is, “Now what? What’s next?” They may end up clicking around your site more, or they may click out because they could find the answer to, “What’s next?”

We feel so strongly about this that you should probably stop reading this article right now and check that you have a CTA on every page.

Need a mortgage website with a CTA on every page already built in like the example below? Check out our website templates!

Tactic #2: Make an Offer Every Time You Engage Your Prospect

Every email, every tweet, every blog post, every inspirational quote posted on Instagram must have an offer.

You want to do this for the same reasons that you put a CTA on your mortgage site –to let them know that you have the mortgage solution they’ve been looking for!

Your offer doesn’t have to be complicated or sales-y. In fact, it might be better to keep it simple. Something like, “I help people buy their dream home” or “Download my free guide to raising your credit score” or “Ask me about lowering your mortgage payments” is more enticing than listing all the loan programs you offer.

Check out the example below from our integrated mortgage blog feed included in our website templates. Notice all the opportunities the visitor has to turn into a lead?

Tactic #3: Give Multiple Ways For the Prospect to Contact You

In marketing, this tactic is called multiple response mechanisms. It means having multiple ways for a prospect to contact you, making it absolutely clear and easy for your prospect to contact you.

  • If they prefer to call, they can do so with a click from your mobile responsive mortgage website.
  • If they prefer to fill out a form and wait to be contacted, they can do so from your lead capture form.
  • If they prefer to text, they can do so from Messenger on your Facebook page.
  • If they prefer to meet face-to-face, they can do so at the address you provided.

And if they prefer to bypass all of that and apply for a home loan with you, they can do so with a secure digital 1003!

Tactic #4: Get Their Information The First Time

The harsh truth is that website visitors are unlikely to apply for a home loan the first time that they land on your mortgage site. Most consumers need to be exposed or “touched” by a brand an average of 7 times before they decide to purchase.

In your case, this means that a prospect will need to have an interaction with you about 7 times before they are willing to apply for a loan. The best way to do this is by getting their information, like their phone number and email, so that you can expose them to your offer repeatedly

Once you have their email, add them to your email campaign or, at least, email them blog posts with an offer to “apply now.”

Another way of interacting with your prospect is to ask them to follow you on social media. While this shouldn’t be your primary CTA (getting their email and phone number should be your priority), it’s still a great way to make sure that your prospect is still exposed to your offer.

Tactic #5: Focus on the Benefits of Your Offer, Not the Features

This idea can get a little confusing, but here’s an easy way to think about it. A benefit tells your prospect what’s in it for them.

So instead of saying “low refinance rates” try “lower your mortgage payment with a refi.”

Here’s another example: don’t say “online home loan application” but instead say, “paper-free and hassle-free digital home loan application.”

Make sure that all of the content on your mortgage website, as well as across social media, is written from a benefit-driven perspective.

Looking for a mortgage website that drives visitors into prospects? Check out templates and try them for free! No credit card required —click here to get started!

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