Top 4 Secrets to Writing Mortgage Content That Sizzles

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You’ve likely heard the phrase “content is king,” but that’s not entirely true. Content is only king when it’s a quality, engaging, sizzling article written for both mortgage prospects and search engines — and that is where most mortgage professionals miss the mark (but you won’t!).

Here are some of the time-tested ways that sizzling content can benefit your mortgage website:

  • Mortgage Content increases your authority and trustworthiness
  • Mortgage Content creates brand awareness and builds your credibility
  • Mortgage Content is an opportunity to soft sell to visitors
  • Mortgage Content can increase the traffic to your site
  • Mortgage Content can improve your search engine ranking
  • Mortgage Content increases visitor engagement
  • Mortgage Content increases the conversion rate

Writing a quality sizzling mortgage article that engages your readers, ranks well on search engines, and converts visitors into mortgage prospects isn’t easy, but we’re about to teach you the secrets to do just that!

Read on to learn the secrets to writing quality, engaging, sizzling content from our in-house mortgage content marketer and read this previously published article for tricks to using SEO to improve your mortgage website ranking.

**Click to see recent examples of sizzling mortgage articles that we publish as a blog feed on our mortgage website templates.

4 Secrets to Writing for Mortgage Website Conversion

Secret Sizzle #1: Define Your Ideal Consumer

Defining your consumer is key to effortlessly developing quality, audience-specific sizzling topics that engage.

When you know who you are writing to, you’ll know what to write about!

Is your ideal consumer a first-time millennial home buyer? Is your consumer base largely latino? Do you specialize in helping empty-nesters make the most of their home equity?

With the ideal consumer in mind, you can now think of questions that type of borrower might have about the loan process. What worries them about qualifying for a loan? Why would they want to buy now or refi their home?

Quality, sizzling content begins with knowing what questions your consumer has about the loan process.

But don’t stop there! Remember that only quality, engaging, sizzling content is king. Now that you have your ideal consumer in mind, along with an idea of the questions they might ask, it’s time to dig little deeper —

Secret Sizzle #2: Offer Consumer-Focused Solutions

Now that you have a few topic ideas for your content, offer real value to your consumer by answering those questions.

Before you write your sizzling article, ask yourself:
Would this article be used as a future reference?
Does this article answer a nagging question?
Does it give further insight for your consumer?
Is this a special announcement that would interest your consumer?

This secret sizzle may seem obvious and simple (it is!) but all too often, mortgage companies have it wrong because their site is filled with content that is company-focused rather than consumer-focused.

If you want your mortgage website to have that secret sizzle make sure every article you put out there is written for your consumer –helping them, praising them, solving their problems, giving them value, talking about things that matter to them!

Your content MUST be centered around your consumer’s interests, needs, and desires.

Another benefit of this sizzle is that consumers trust you more.

When they read your sizzling article, they’ll feel like it was written just for them and that you understand they’re problems like no other mortgage company can –making it more likely that they will convert into a prospect!

Secret Sizzle #3: Write conversational and keep it brief

One of the best tips for engaging your consumers and making your content sizzle is to write as if you sitting side-by-side your consumer, discussing their home loan concerns over coffee.

What would that sound like?
Maybe it would have a tone of concern, some wittiness, a lot of honesty, professionalism, and absolutely approachable.

Everyone’s writing tone and style will be a bit different, and that’s the way it should be. It may be slightly formal if that reflects your business culture or more casual if you prefer a neighborly feel.

Whichever tone you use, craft your article as conversational as possible –it’s the sizzle!

The other tip is not to overwhelm your consumer with too much information. As the mortgage expert, you have a wealth of knowledge and, being eager to help your readers, you may overshare.

Give your reader enough valuable and personalized mortgage information to savor, but give it to them one bite at a time.

Secret Sizzle #4: Call to action

The last ingredient to writing sizzling, engaging mortgage copy is to convert your website visitor into a loan prospect!

You do this with a call to action (CTA). A CTA refers to the action that you want your consumer to take after reading your article.

Here’s how to add that sizzle and convert your site visitor into a loan prospect: At the end of your article, clearly tell your reader what the next step should be.

Do you want them to call you? Fill out your digital 1003? Click through to another article? Leave a comment? Share the post? Download your free guide? Check out current rates? Play with your mortgage calculator?

The CTA is the where mortgage lead conversion takes place so make sure that it’s clear and that the rest of your copy naturally leads to it.

Bonus Secret #5: Get even more sizzle!

Add a call to action a few times throughout your article and mortgage website. For example, hyperlink the text, “Apply for a loan now” to your digital 1003 one or two times in your article to get more mortgage leads.

And don’t forget to have a CTA clearly visible at the top and bottom of your website, too!

Ready to make your mortgage website sizzle? Combine these tips with a mobile responsive website and your content will be optimized to capture mortgage leads from all devices!

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