Elements of an “Awesome Mortgage Landing Page” that Converts

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Mortgage landing pages are highly-focused conversion tools for generating leads. They’re constructed to reach a particular prospect looking for a specific loan product or mortgage solution. Since they are so specialized, landing pages tend to have a higher conversion rate than websites and are the preferred web destination to drive traffic to when implementing paid marketing campaigns such as Google Adwords.

But we’re getting a little ahead of ourselves.

All those things are true about awesome mortgage landing pages. Keep reading to find out how you can craft a powerful lead-generating machine with a landing page.

 Effective Mortgage Landing Page Essentials

Optimized with Keywords

Keywords are foundational to a successful campaign and effective landing page. You’ll have the opportunity to categorize (to an extent) your campaign on the admin side of your ad, but keywords will refine it so that it appears to the exact audience you want to reach.

Read more about keywords and mortgage website SEO.

Your keywords can be either short or long-tail. An example of a short-tail keyword is “Hard money loan” while a long-tail keyword looks like “Hard money loans for investors in Raleigh, North Carolina.”

Choose 2-3 variations of your keywords and include them in the outward-facing ad as well as throughout your landing page. (More on that below)

An Attention-Grabbing and Relevant Headline

Keep your headline short with twenty words or less, include your keywords and make sure it’s related exactly to the original ad that led them to your landing page.

For example, if your Twitter ad said “Refinance to save on your mortgage payments,” but your landing page headline said, “Refinance your ARM loan to a fixed-rate and save on mortgage payments” that would be a problem.

While both the ad and landing page are about refinancing, your target audience is people who have an ARM loan with an interest rate that is now ballooning.

There’s a limitless combination of words that you can use to create an attention-grabbing headline. In fact, our marketing team will come up with at least five headline variations before settling on 2-3 to test.

Keys to creating a killer headline that reaches your prospect:

  • Subject should be of interest to them
  • Tone and words should reflect understanding and empathy
  • State simply in terms that your prospect understands (and likely used on their search query)

A Persuasive Sub-Headline

After getting the prospect’s attention with a killer headline, you’ll want to keep it with a persuasive sub-headline. The sub-headline goes right under the main headline and goes slightly more into detail about what you’re offering. You can also add an element of emotion for even more persuasiveness.

Marketer’s tip: Trigger a strong emotional response subtly. In the example below, the phrases “talk to a real person” and “personal attention you deserve” coax a prospect into feeling trust and security.

Whichever words you use to persuade your client to keep reading, remember to keep it relevant and that it communicates the value of your landing page.

Outstanding Hero Image

Don’t underestimate the power of a great image on a landing page! The brain processes images faster than it does text, and will likely be noticed before your attention-grabbing headline.

A hero image is a powerful emotional trigger that increases conversions rates on mortgage landing pages. Use a large, high-quality, royalty-free image that is highly relevant to the rest of the campaign.

Mobile Responsiveness

A landing page that needs to be pinched, scrolled side-to-side or zoomed out is a sure way to kill your conversion.

Instead, design a landing page or use a mortgage landing page template that is responsive. That way, no matter which device a user is on (nowadays, it’s probably a mobile device) your landing page and all the marketing elements will display accurately, minimizing your bounce-rate.

Lead Capture Form

Conversions simply won’t happen unless there is a lead capture form designed for mortgage leads. Customize your form, requiring the visitor to share just enough info that the LO knows how to contact them, the product they are interested in, and their financial details.

On the other hand, you may want your campaign to channel to a digital 1003 for pre-application. With a multi-step landing page, you can tailor where and how you funnel your prospects.

Sale’s tip: Don’t leave your visitor wondering if their info was received or what the next step is. Send your prospect a “thank you” email or a “welcome” email with additional information about the service they inquired about.

Call to Action

An often overlooked element of a landing page is the “Call to Action” or the label of the button on your form.  Just because you have the form on the page along with all the rest of the elements mentioned in this post, does not mean that prospects will automatically fill it out.  In fact, even the greatest landing pages have only 10%-15% conversion ratios.

The “Call to Action” is subtle, but with the right one, you can trigger immediate action the prospect.  Never label the button on the form simply “Submit”.  Use something like “Get my Quote

Never label the button on the form simply “Submit”.  Using something like “Get my Quote Now”, “Let’s Get Started”, or “Find My Home” is more enticing.  Test various “Call to Action” buttons and pick the winner.

A high-converting mortgage landing page is only half of the story.

You’ll also need management tools for your leads such as a good CRM, customizable auto-responders, and data encryption to keep sensitive information secure.

Quality mortgage leads are a cornerstone of your business, and the landing page is the place to make it happen! Whether using a template or a custom-made mortgage landing page, you can create an awesome and competition-crushing landing page by implementing each of these essentials.

Have more questions about mortgage landing pages? Let us know in the comments below or call for live help. 888-377-1265

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