Your Customers Are Mobile Users: Is Your Site Mobile Optimized?

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If you aren’t optimized for mobile, your customers are looking elsewhere. Studies on mobile optimization show that 57% of mobile users will leave a website if it won’t load within 3 seconds. What’s more, when looking at eCommerce sites, 30% will abandon a purchase if the checkout page isn’t optimized for a seamless experience according to Mobify.

Now apply these numbers to the mortgage industry – a highly competitive industry that is known to be behind in adapting to current technologies.

When it comes to conversions via mobile, the difference between conversion from user to lead can be as little as 3 seconds. And those 3 critical seconds are found in one simple place –mobile optimization.

Now that you understand the importance of a mobile optimized strategy, let’s take a look at five major benefits you’ll receive by making a robust mobile experience a priority.


When your site is optimized for an easy mobile experience, users don’t encounter digital roadblocks that frustrate them to the point of leaving your site. We like to tell our customers to put themselves in the shoes of borrowers. How many times have you been on a site that is not optimized for mobile?

Was the text difficult to read?
Check-out pages impossible to navigate?
Images too large?

Chances are, you left the site to find what you were looking for somewhere else. In other words, you didn’t stay on that site for too long.

Studies show that optimizing your design, image quality, and text design can keep users on your site for up to 10-20% longer in many cases.
Remember, just because your site looks great on the desktop doesn’t necessarily mean it’ll look great on a mobile device.


Landing pages that convert on the desktop don’t always convert the same way on mobile devices. In fact, your mobile landing pages might not be converting at all!

Now let’s talk about fill-in forms on mobile. Users lack patience when it comes to completing lead forms on mobile devices. Don’t lead a qualified prospect to frustration and ultimately looking for information on a competitor site by ignoring optimization!

A mobile-friendly fill-in 1003 that doesn’t require the user to zoom in eliminates this common roadblock, making the conversion from user to a customer all that easier.


It seems that Google is rolling out new updates to its search algorithm on a more frequent basis. And with every new update, Google announces that mobile optimization is becoming more and more important. This is just further proof that an investment in mobile optimization will pay dividends for your business.

Google recommends that websites enhance their sites so that they are mobile friendly, and if Google suggests a way to rank higher with their algorithm, you should listen.


Mobile optimization has so much more to do than the aesthetics of your site. Mobile users of today have been spoiled by the quick load time of websites on a desktop. They simply won’t wait around for your site to load on their phone. They’ll quickly go back to the search results (where Google has promised to display mobile friendly sites) and find another website to try.

A quicker load time keeps leads and prospects coming to you, not your competition.

Remember the 3-second rule:
Your site must load within 3 seconds or risk users leaving your site!


One of the unique benefits of having a mobile optimized site is the fact that mobile users and desktop users tend to include two separate groups of individuals. Having a great desktop experience is great for a majority of audiences, but the fact is, Millennials are entering the housing market. The purchasing power of this generation is extremely strong, and they demand a seamless digital experience.

You Can’t Ignore Mobile

By this point, you’ve realized the importance of optimizing your website for mobile. From homepage to specific landing pages, making sure users can easily navigate your site is mandatory to stay competitive.

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