What Does LenderHomePage Do For Mortgage Brokers?

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Simply put, we help brokers get more and get more done.

What does that mean for you, the mortgage broker?

It means whatever challenge you are facing, whatever gap you need filling, whatever digital mortgage tool you need to get it done faster, with less expense, with more functionality, more efficiency, more scalability, and flexibility –we have it.

It All Starts With The Broker

Since 2003, LenderHomePage has been at the intersection of lending and the new digital landscape. Not only have we been a witness to the evolution of loan origination and loan processing via the web, but we’ve also been part of it.

However, our role was different than other mortgage tech companies.

While others were in a hurry to launch a new digital mortgage tool, we waited for the brokers to tell us what they needed.

After all, mortgage technology is only as good as long as it serves its purpose for the broker.

While others were quick to introduce a digital 1003, we built our customizable, cloud-based digital 1003 with feedback from mortgage brokers.

Built-in customer portals, accessible from any device, branch and individual LO analytics, proof of Disclaimer Agreement, and the ability to integrate with other platforms are a few of the baseline needs brokers said they needed from a digital 1003.

So, we built it.

When Day 1 Certainty launched, the GMI was required, and the Preferred Language option for loan applications was introduced, our flexible SmartApp 1003 was ready for the change.

This broker-centered mentality is applied to every single one of our digital mortgage products and is at the center of our mission.

Only Choose What You Need

Every mortgage broker and brokerage is different, and so are their needs.

So why then, do most mortgage tech companies require you to implement their entire catalog instead of just using what’s needed.

The difference is a broker-centric mindset and mission.

That’s why we designed our digital mortgage platform to be customizable and compatible with top mortgage software. With this method, you choose just what you need and implement it with full confidence that it will deliver on its promise and interface intelligently with your existing tools.

LenderHomePage has the digital mortgage platform you need to build your business, your way, and at your scale.

Functionality and Uncompromising User Experience: How To Compete with Mega Lenders

The digital age has changed many aspects of home lending, but one thing that has remained the same is that the customer’s decision to go with a broker or large bank comes often comes down to:

  • Customer service
  • Customer experience
  • Customer satisfaction

And this translates to the digital mortgage experience, too. We’ve designed our platform to give your borrow’s an effortless and enjoyable mortgage experience.

Plus, the streamlined functionality also lessens your stress and frees up your time to so that you can offer the personalized service that “rocket” lenders cannot duplicate with a faceless agent.

What Does LenderHomePage Do For Brokers?

We help mortgage brokers get more and get more done.

Whether it’s creating a web presence with a mobile-responsive mortgage website, implementing a lead-generating brandable mortgage mobile app, using a quick-build mortgage landing page to convert PPC ads, or empowering your business with a robust mortgage POS system to manage and streamline the application to funding, LenderHomePage has a full catalog of dynamic tools and customer support at your disposal.

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